About Us

What We Do: Duck Hunting, Pheasant Hunting, Goose Hunting, and More

Bird Dog Outfitters’ mission is to provide the best possible bird hunting experience in the Texas Panhandle. Chad Minter, the founder of Bird Dog Outfitters, has 20 years of experience that has proven to be invaluable to waterfowl hunting. We hunt exclusively on private land and vast playas.

We hunt throughout 8,000 acres of land that are full of playas and fields that are farmed for grain such as corn and milo. These crops are a huge staple in the migrating waterfowl’s diet. In order to give the ducks a variety of food options, our playas are planted with grain and wild smartweed.

We use several different types of blinds to hunt out of from layout blinds to mobile skid blinds and our newest edition being a 20-foot pit blind equipped with heaters and a cooking area! The majority of our land is located close to camp and all is private. Our land is maintained throughout the year to keep it an ideal place to hunt.

What to Bring

Each hunter should bring:

  • Steel shot ammo, preferably 3-inch shells. We recommend BB for geese.
  • Chest Waders
  • Appropriate Clothing. Please check the weather before coming.
  • Hunting license with the appropriate endorsements and stamps for the game to be hunted.
Chad Minter

Chad Minter

Founder of Bird Dog Outfitters

“I have spent the last 20 years chasing waterfowl from the Gulf Coast to the river bottoms of the East Texas Pines and now to the plains of the Panhandle. Throughout my adventures hunting, I have gained knowledge and experience that have proven to be invaluable in this sport. Now, my goal is to show others the joy of hunting waterfowl. At Bird Dog Outfitters, my job is to make sure that each and every hunter has the most successful and enjoyable hunt possible. You will be treated with the utmost hospitality. From beginners to seasoned hunters, I look forward to sharing a duck blind with all of you and make memories that will last a lifetime.”