Early Teal – $175.00 per gun

Bird Dog Outfitters provides some of the best early season teal hunting in the United States. Our Texas early season teal hunts offer fast paced action for bluewing and greenwing teal. Limits typically consist of primarily bluewing teal at the beginning of the season and more of a mixed bag of both bluewing and greenwing teal near the end of the season. The rare Cinnamon Teal is also occasionally found in the lucky hunter’s bag.

Dates: September 2017

Duck – $250.00 per gun

West Texas is a premier spot for duck hunting.  Daily scouting our private land and playas ensures the best hunt possible for the customer.  Mixed bags are the norm; However late season can provide some of the best Mallard and Pintail hunts around.  All hunts take place on playas or in dry fields.

Sandhill Crane $250.00 per gun

Sandhill Crane are known as the Ribeye of the Sky for their richly flavorful meat. These birds have keen vision and are very intelligent. Hunting them takes the right location with water, food, and climate as well as the right gear. Decoys and cover for the hunter are key to attract these giant birds close enough to take a crack at them.

Pheasant $275.00 per gun

Dove – $100.00 per gun (unguided)

Dove hunts can be incredibly exciting and West Texas can provide some of the most premier dove hunting around.  Our dove hunts are done over grain fields and playas, targeting Mourning dove and Whitewing dove with the Eurasian dove as a bonus bird.  Let us kick off your Labor Day with friends or family and an experience to remember.  Make sure and bring lots of shells because the action gets hot.